jueves, 12 de febrero de 2009

BackTrack 4 beta release

Desde ayer ya se encuentra disponible la nueva versión de BackTrack.

BackTrack 4 Beta Is Now Debian Based
BackTrack 4 Beta is now based on Debian packages and uses Ubuntu software repositories, this change allowing any updates that are deployed to be immediately applied.

Highlights of Backtrack 4 Beta:
· the Kernel was updated to version bringing better hardware support;
· BackTrack 4 Beta can now be booted over a network, using PXE supported cards;
· SAINT EXPLOIT, a network vulnerability assessment tool, and MALTEGO 2.0.2, an open source intelligence and forensic app, are now included;
· the latest mac80211 wireless injection patches were applied along with speed improvements for rtl8187;
· Pico e12 and e16 cards are now 100% functional with native support, enabling BackTrack 4 to take advantage of everything these incredibly small devices have to offer;
· Unicornscan, an information gathering and correlation engine is fully functional and features a web front end and postgress logging support;
· RFID support;
· Pyrit CUDA support and many more new and updated tools.


Description: DVD Image
Name:: bt4-beta.iso
Size: 854 MB
MD5: 7d1eb7f4748759e9735fee1b8a17c1d8
Download: Click here

Disklabel: bt4-label.png

Description: VMware Image
Name: bt4-beta-vm-6.5.1.rar
Size: 1 GB
MD5: 38acdcbaf6c73d7c55180dfea8641e5d
Download: Click here

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