viernes, 6 de febrero de 2009

Bloxx Anonymous Proxy Security Survey 2009

Web filtering specialist Bloxx announces the results of its 2009 Anonymous Proxy Survey
Bloxx, the web content filtering specialist, today announced the results of its independent Anonymous Proxy Survey, which reveals that an alarming 90% of IT Managers in the educational sector view anonymous proxies to be a problem, compared with 51% in the private sector. This is Bloxx’s second Anonymous Proxy Survey, which aims to investigate the impact of anonymisers on over 200 education and private sector organisations.

A copy of the report can be downloaded at

Anonymous proxies are the easiest and most popular way for users to bypass an organisation’s Internet filtering. Once connected to an anonymous proxy, users can surf any website completely unmonitored, even if the site should have been blocked by the organisation’s web filter.
Bloxx’s survey reveals that 64% of IT managers in the education sector view anonymous proxies as a security threat, and 34% consider them to be a serious problem. Whilst this figure is slightly less for IT teams in the private sector – at 46% – 12% of the respondents remain unsure, indicating a possible lack of knowledge concerning the use of anonymous proxies in this sector.

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