lunes, 16 de febrero de 2009

Check online: Anubis - Analyzing Unknown Binaries

International Secure Systems Lab ofrece un servicio on-line de análisis de Malware, llamado Anubis.

Anubis is a service for analyzing malware.
Submit your Windows executable and receive an analysis report telling you what it does.
Alternatively, submit a suspicious URL and receive a report that shows you all the activities of the Internet Explorer process when visiting this URL.

For analyzing Javascript and Flash files try Wepawet.

- Report formats: In addition to the HTML report it is now possible to view the Anubis report in the PDF, plain text or the (original) XML format. The report is available for download in the MHT, PDF, XML or plain text format.
- Auxiliary File Submission: It is now possible to additionally submit DLLs or other auxiliary files, which are required by the executable.
- Pre analysis: For submitted files that are certainly no valid Windows executables we do no start Anubis but immediately present the output of the popular Unix 'file' command.
- Stability enhancements: Several bugs have been fixed in the main Anubis executable
- URL Analysis: Anubis analyzes an URL by opening it in the Internet Explorer and monitoring the brower's behavior.
- User accounts: You can create a user account on our homepage for having easy access to all your previous submissions.
- Webpages: All our web-pages and the Anubis analysis reports are now fully XHTML 1.0 conform. Moreover, you can now reach our homepage via HTTPS. In particular, you can submit samples via HTTPS (which allows one to submit samples if one is behind a virus-scanning HTTP proxy).
- ZIP submission: An executable can be submitted together with its auxilliary files packed in a ZIP archive.

Sample Reports

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