martes, 3 de febrero de 2009

Tools: Dradis v2.0 released

What is dradis?
dradis is an open source tool for sharing information during security assessments.
- It provides a centralized repository of information to keep track ofwhat has been done so far, and what is still ahead.
- Client/server architecture with a web interface.

Why should I care?
If your are in a lengthy engagement, having all the information in oneplace will make things easier. Everyone is in the same page.
- If your team changes (i.e. someone joins half the way through), itwill be useful to bring them up to speed.
- It's flexible, you don't need to adapt your methodology to use it.
- Is provides a web service interface so you can connect it with yourexisting vulnerability database or reporting tool.

What does it look like? Where do I get more info.?
- Flash demo
- Screenshots
- Project info
- More info, changelog, features

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