jueves, 5 de marzo de 2009

Nagios version 3.1.0

Nagios uno de los sistemas open source mas populares para monitorizar hosts y servicios de una red lanzo recientemente una nueva versión de la herramienta.

Nagios is the industry standard in enterprise-class monitoring for good reason.
It allows you to gain insight into your network and fix problems before customers know they even exist. It's stable, scalable, supported, and extensible.

Comprehensive Network Monitoring
- Windows
- Linux/Unix
- Routers, Switches, Firewalls
- Printers
- Services
- Applications

Immediate Awareness and Insight
- Receive immediate notifications of problems via email, pager and cellphone
- Multi-user notification escalation capabilities
- See detailed status information through the Nagios web interface

Reporting Options
- SLA availability reports
- Alert and notification history reports
- Trending reports through integration with Cacti and RRD-based addons

Customizable Code
- Open Source Software
- Full access to source code
-Released under the GPL license

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