viernes, 24 de abril de 2009

SMART - Security Management And Risk Tracking

Security Management and Risk Tracking is a web based application to manage information security practice (in a medium to large organization). This is a comprehensive solution that enables a corporation to manage:

  • - Information security policy
  • - Security policy exception handling
  • - Security Certification and Accreditation (SC&A)
  • - Issue tracking for security audit, pen testing, SOX, and so on
  • - Third party connection management
  • - Asset and vendor management

A number of other services are also included in this solution. This is an enterprise ready application that greatly reduces the time and effort to manage a security practice.


SMART needs at least the following to run:
1. RedHat or Fedora Core 4 Linux
2. Apache
3. MySQL Server version 4 or above
4. PHP 4 or 5
5. HTMLDoc
6. php-gd package
7. php-mysql package

Downloads and web

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