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Estudio: Los profesionales de la seguridad también descuidan su protección

Esto lo indica un estudio de Credant Technologies, según el cual, estos profesionales, a pesar de sus conocimientos, descuidan la protección de sus datos al no poner contraseñas a sus dispositivos móviles lo que deja expuestos sus datos personales y corporativos.

Even IT Security Professionals can't be bothered with Passwords, finds survey!

Thirty five percent revealed they just don't get around to using a password on their business phones and smartphones, even though they know they should as they contain sensitive and confidential information! Surprisingly, IT professionals are only marginally better at using passwords than the general population, as a survey conducted earlier in the year by CREDANT found that 40% of all users don't bother with passwords on their mobile phones.

The sorts of information that IT professionals are storing on their smartphones and mobiles, many of which are totally unprotected with a password, include:

  • 80% Business names and addresses
  • 66% Personal names and addresses
  • 23% Business emails
  • 16% Personal emails
  • 12% Bank account details
  • 12% Business diary with details of all their appointments and meetings
  • 7% Personal diary
  • 5% Credit card information
  • 4% Photos
  • 1% Passwords and Pin numbers

Andrew Kahl, Sr. VP of Operations & Co-Founder from CREDANT Technologies explains "It is alarming to note that the very people who are responsible for IT security are not much better at protecting the information on their business phones than most of their co-workers, who don't necessarily know any better. If a mobile or smartphone goes missing and isn't protected with a password, and contains business names and addresses and other corporate data such as business emails, then the company is immediately in breach of the data protection act by failing to meet some of its principals on electronic data."

Notes to editors

The "mobile usage survey" of IT professionals was carried out amongst 227 IT professionals at Infosecurity Europe 2009.

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