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Presentaciones - Information Security Conference: ISC 2009 y CAT09 - Pisa, Italy.

Las siguientes son las slides utilizadas en dos conferencias de seguridad de la Información realizada en Septiembre en Pisa - Italia:

ISC is an annual international conference covering research in theory and applications of Information Security. Previous editions were held in Taiwan (2008), Chile (2007), Greece (2006), Singapore (2005), USA (2004), UK (2003), Brazil (2002), Spain (2001), Australia (2000), Malaysia (1999) and Japan (1997).
  • Keynote speaker: Prof. Sushil Jajodia
    Topological Analysis of Network Attack Vulnerability
  • Session 1: Analysis techniques (Chair: Eiji Okamoto)
A New Approach to $\chi^2$ Cryptanalysis of Block Ciphers [slides] - Jorge Nakahara Jr, Gautham Sekar, Daniel Santana de Freitas, Chang Chiann, Ramon Hugo de Souza, and Bart Preneel
Analysis and Optimization of Cryptographically Generated Addresses [slides] - Joppe W. Bos, Onur Ozen, and Jean-Pierre Hubaux
Towards Security Notions for White-Box Cryptography (Short Paper) [slides] - Amitabh Saxena, Brecht Wyseur, and Bart Preneel
A calculus to detect guessing attacks (Short Paper) [slides] - Bogdan Groza and Marius Minea
  • Session 2: Hash functions (Chair: Jorge Nakahara)
Structural Attacks on Two SHA-3 Candidates: Blender-n and DCH-n [slides] - Mario Lamberger and Florian Mendel
Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks Using Output Truncation in 3-Pass HAVAL [slides] - Yu Sasaki

  • Session 3: Database security and biometrics (Chair: Keith Frikken)
Detection of Database Intrusion using a Two-Stage Fuzzy System [slides] - Suvasini Panigrahi, Shamik Sural
Combining Consistency and Confidentiality Requirements in First-Order Databases [slides] - Joachim Biskup and Lena Wiese
Cancelable Iris Biometrics using Block Re-mapping and Image Warping (Short Paper) [slides] - Jutta Hammerle-Uhl, Elias Pschernig, and Andreas Uhl

  • Session 4: Algebraic attacks and proxy re-encryption (Chair: Marius Minea)
Efficient Conditional Proxy Re-Encryption with Chosen-Ciphertext Security [slides] - Jian Weng, Yanjiang Yang, Qiang Tang, Robert H. Deng, and Feng Bao
Practical Algebraic Attacks on the Hitag2 Stream Cipher [slides] - Nicolas T. Courtois, Sean O’Neil, and Jean-Jacques Quisquater
A New Construction of Boolean Functions with Maximum Algebraic Immunity [slides] - Deshuai Dong, Shaojing Fu, Longjiang Qu, and Chao Li

  • Session 5: Distributed system security (Chair: Lena Wiese) -A2M: Access-Assured Mobile Desktop Computing -Angelos Stavrou, Ricardo A. Barrato, Angelos D. Keromytis, and Jason Nieh
    Towards Unifying Vulnerability Information for Attack Graph Construction [slides] - Sebastian Roschke, Feng Cheng, Robert Schuppenies, and Christoph Meinel

  • Session 6: Identity management and authentication (Chair: Masahiro Mambo)
An Efficient Distance Bounding RFID Authentication Protocol: Balancing False-Acceptance Rate and Memory Requirement [slides] - Gildas Avoine and Aslan Tchamkerten
Risks of the CardSpace Protocol [slides] - Sebastian Gajek, Jorg Schwenk, Michael Steiner, and Chen Xuan

  • Session 7: Applied cryptography (Chair: Marina Blanton)
Fair E-cash: Be Compact, Spend Faster [slides] - Sebastien Canard, Cecile Delerablee, Aline Gouget, Emeline Hufschmitt, Fabien Laguillaumie, Herve Sibert, Jacques Traore, and Damien Vergnaud
On the security of Identity Based Ring Signcryption Schemes [slides] - S. Sharmila Deva Selvi, S. Sree Vivek, and C. Pandu Rangan
  • A Crypto Toolbox to Build Your Own Protocols [abstract]

  • Session 8: Access control (Chair: Angelos Stavrou)
Privacy-aware Attribute-based Encryption with User Accountability [slides] - Jin Li, Kui Ren, Bo Zhu, and Zhiguo Wan
Hardware-Assisted Application-Level Access Control [slides] - Yu-Yuan Chen and Ruby B. Lee
Towards Trustworthy Delegation in Role-Based Access Control Model [slides] - Manachai Toahchoodee, Xing Xie, and Indrakshi Ray
Secure Interoperation in Multidomain Environments Employing UCON Policies (Short Paper) [slides] - Jianfeng Lu, Ruixuan Li, Vijay Varadharajan, Zhengding Lu, and Xiaopu Ma
Specification and Enforcement of Static Separation-of-Duty Policies in Usage Control (Short Paper) [slides] - Jianfeng Lu, Ruixuan Li, Zhengding Lu, Jinwei Hu, and Xiaopu Ma

  • Session 9: MAC and nonces (Chair: Indrakshi Ray) - Nonce Generators and the Nonce Reset Problem [slides] -Erik Zenner
    MAC Precomputation with Applications to Secure Memory [slides]Juan Garay, Vladimir Kolesnikov, and Rae McLellan
  • Session 10: P2P and web services (Chair: Artsiom Yautsiukhin)
Peer-to-peer Architecture for Collaborative Intrusion and Malware Detection on a Large Scale [slides] - Mirco Marchetti, Michele Messori, and Michele Colajanni

F3ildCrypt: End-to-End Protection of Sensitive Information in Web Services [slides] - Matthew Burnside and Angelos D. Keromytis

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EuroCAT'09, is an European event that follows the Context-Aware and Trust initiatives that have been running in the past years. EuroCAT'09 will offer scientists and engineers that are active in the areas of context-awareness and of security, privacy, and trust the opportunity to sit together and to discuss the state of the art, to identify open and emerging problems, to share research experiences, and to propose future research directions.
  • Opening of the Workshop - slides
  • Trust Management in Context-Aware and Service-Oriented Architectures - slides
  • Context-Aware Identity Delegation: A User-Centric Approach - slides
  • POIsafe: a Privacy-Conscious System for Retrieval of Points of Interest - slides
  • Portable Reputation: Proving ownership across portals - slides
  • Identity Metasystem in Location Based Persistent Authentication - slides
  • Closing of the Workshop - slides

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