jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2009

SAINT 7.2 Released: Now OVAL compatible

SAINT is the Security Administrator’s Integrated Network Tool. It is used to non-intrusively detect security vulnerabilities on any remote target, including servers, workstations, networking devices, and other types of nodes. It will also gather information such as operating system types and open ports. The SAINT graphical user interface provides access to SAINT’s data management, scan configuration, scan scheduling, and data analysis capabilities through a web browser. Different aspects of the scan results are presented in hyperlinked HTML pages, and reports on complete scan results can be generated and save

New features in version 7.2:
- Compatibility with Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL)
Import existing OVAL vulnerability checks into SAINT
Support for Windows registry and file attribute checks
- Form-based web application authentication
Log into your web application during scan set-up
Uncover additional web pages and vulnerabilities
- Option to delete SAINT Scan Status File (status_file) from administrative pull-down menu.
- Option to display text in a warning box on the login page by changing the configuration file (saint.cf). This option is not available from the GUI .

Fuente: www.security-database.com

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