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Study: Database Security & and Compliance Risks (ESG)

Market Research Study - Database Security & and Compliance Risks
Co-hosted by Enterprise Strategy Group and Application Security.

In October 2009, the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) conducted a comprehensive web-based survey on behalf of Application Security, Inc. The survey included 175 North American security professionals from enterprise-class organizations (defined as those with 1,000 or more employees) focused on their database security and regulatory compliance policies, experiences, and strategies. Respondents came from over 20 industries in the public and private sectors. To a great extent, this research project built upon data and analysis from a similar effort conducted in 2008.
Based upon this research, ESG concludes that there are a large number of independent risks to confidential data1 stored in databases and that many large organizations remain extremely vulnerable to compliance audit failures and data breaches. Similar to 2008, users recognize weaknesses in their security processes, controls, and technologies, but continue to lack the adequate funding, senior management oversight, organizational support, and security skills needed to address these issues.

- Webinar Length: 64 Minutes

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