lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

Hack In The Box Security Conference 2010 – Dubai

Welcoming Address by H.E Mohammed Nasser Al-Ghanim (Director General, UAE Telecom Regulatory Authority - TRA) -- TBC
Keynote 1: John Viega (CTO, SaaS, McAfee Inc.) -- A/V Vendors Aren't As Dumb As They Look
Keynote 2: Matt Watchinski (Senior Director of Vulnerability Research, Sourcefire Inc.) -- TBA

1.) Daniel Mende (ERNW GmbH) with Oliver Roeschke (ERNW GmbH) -- Attacking CISCO WLAN Solutions
2) Dino Covotsos (Managing Director, Telspace Systems) -- Hiding a Giant: Analysis of a Next Generation Botnet
3.) Fredric Raynal (Head of Research, Sogeti/Cap Gemini) with Arnauld Mascret (Sogeti / Cap Gemini) & Christophe Devaux (Sogeti / Cap Gemini) -- Deception 2.0: Gathering and Exploiting Information
4.) Gynvael Coldwind (Researcher, Hispasec) -- A Case Study of Recent Windows Vulnerabilities
5.) Laurent Oudot (Founder, TEHTRI-Security) -- Silent Steps: Improving the Stealthiness of Web Hacking
6.) Marc Schoenefeld (Independent Network Security Specialist) -- Open Sesame: Examining Android Code with undx2
7.) Shawn Merdinger (Security Researcher) -- We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges: Hacking Electronic Door Access Controllers
8.) The Grugq (Anti Forensics Specialist) -- Base Jumping: Attacking GSM Base Stations and Mobile Phone Basebands

HITBSecConf2010 - Dubai will also feature a HITB Web Hacking. This years contest will once again include an additional binary reversing challenge as well.

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