martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

Report: How Risky is Your IT? (Evalueserve)

A Report on What Organizations are Doing to Manage Risk and Vulnerabilities

Executive Summary
This global study by Evalueserve shows how IT decision-makers assess the current state of risk management with a focus on challenges of implementing and sustaining an effective program from a risk, vulnerability and patch perspective.
Perhaps the single most important element of a sound risk management program is to know which IT assets – the applications, data stores and systems that make the business go – are critical to the continued health and success of the enterprise.
Businesses operate in a hostile, globally connected environment of cyber criminals who are constantly probing and penetrating their networks with the intent of doing harm. But security is expensive and time consuming. Diligent risk management enables organizations to allocate resources where they will provide the greatest benefit to protect the business.
Accurate information about the importance of IT assets to the business, the severity of vulnerabilitiesin those assets, and the likelihood of exploitation enable corporations to make intelligent, informed, risk-based decisions on where and when to commit mitigation and remediation resources. A sustainable, continuous program of asset identification and classification, threat evaluation, risk assessment, monitoring and validation will significantly improve the organization’s security posture and enable compliance with regulatory mandates, as well as facilitate business productivity.
In their responses to this survey, enterprise IT leaders and managers demonstrate the value of risk management programs that reflect an intimate understanding of and visibility into their operations thatenables them to:
  • • Assess their vulnerability
  • • Prioritizing the threats against them
  • • Take effective remediation steps
Evalueserve Global Risk Management Report

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