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The Illustrated Guide to Security

If a picture's worth 1,000 words, these illustration and diagrams have a lot to teach about security. A dozen interesting and illuminating looks at data center security, image spam, forts and castles, and much more from CSO's archives.
Each headline links to the full diagram and story.

physical security for data centers

19 ways to physically secure your data center

Mantraps, access control systems, bollards and surveillance. Your guide to securing the data center against physical threats and intrusions.

clean desk test

The clean desk test

A messy desk is a vulnerable desk. We've created one with 20 egregious violations of a good clean desk policy. See if you can find them.

map of botnet command and control

What a botnet looks like

Researcher David Vorel mapped interconnected, bot-infected IP addresses and created this geometric representation; CSO contributor Scott Berinato annotated the map and added interactive controls so you can zoom in and explore botnets' inner workings

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