domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

Releases Maturity Model for Unified Information Access

Attivio announced the availability of the latest in a series of whitepapers discussing the benefits of unified information access (UIA). Titled, "A Maturity Model for Unified Information Access: Five Steps to Comprehensive Information Management," the report delves into the advantages of optimizing information availability, how to identify your organization's current status and UIA's potential impact on the bottom line. The company has also released a video in which Brian Babineau, Senior Consultant at analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), reviews how Attivio's Maturity Model provides a guide to address current and potential information access challenges.

"With the UIA Maturity Model, organizations can see how a commitment to using specific information access technologies can enable critical business processes that underpin revenue generation, cost cutting and client satisfaction programs", stated Babineau. "Every organization wants to find ways to bring information to users and introduce it to business processes, but most rarely think about the future potential of what the underlying technology could do. The Attivio Maturity Model provides companies with a glimpse of what information access capabilities and benefits are available if a strategic, rather than short-term solution investment decision is made.
Evolutions in unified information access solutions now make this type of consolidated analysis possible without any data movement. The concept of integrating data differently is an example of innovation reflected in the more mature stages of Attivio's Model. "Using this framework, companies can not only learn about new ways of leveraging information - they can start the planning process to take advantage of them", continued Babineau.
UIA unites information of all types and formats - including structured data and unstructured content - so that information can be discovered, linked, analyzed and presented without delay, gaps, multiple retrievals or costly data normalization efforts. By converging information from diverse sources, insight is more immediately available and complete, so processes are more effective, and people can make better-informed decisions while being able to detect and resolve issues faster.

The objective of the model is to help organizations establish, benchmark, and improve information access and management strategies. According to the report, the first step in developing a plan for implementing UIA is to conduct a self-assessment of current capabilities and needs, then determine the urgency and importance of solving each issue identified. As an organization moves into the next stage, the incremental capabilities and benefits are measured across two vectors - business criticality and information management integration and process improvements.




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