viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

Cisco 4Q10 Global Threat Report

Gain Insight on Top Threats

The Cisco 4Q10 Global Threat Report provides:
  • Perspective on what is currently affecting enterprise security
  • Insight on top threats that occurred from October through December 2010
Featuring data from four core segments of Cisco Security:
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), IronPort, Remote Management Services (RMS), and ScanSafe.

Key Highlights
• The rate of web malware encounters peaked in October 2010, at 250 average encounters per enterprise for the month;
• Web malware grew by 139 percent in 2010 compared to 2009;
• Search engine-related traffic resulted in approximately 8 percent of web malware encountered in 4Q10;
• Malicious webmail resulted in only 1 percent of web malware encounters for the quarter;
• Rustock botnet activity peaked during the first two weeks of December;
• Legacy worms such as Conficker, MyDoom, Nachi, and Slammer continue to circulate;
• Users flocked to BitTorrent in the wake of the shutdown;
• Global spam levels decreased dramatically in the fourth quarter, following a trend that started in August 2010.

Cisco 4Q10 Global Threat Report (PDF - 940 KB)

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