lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

Arachni v0.2.3 has been released [Open Source Web Applicatio​n Security Scanner Framework]

Version v0.2.3 has just been released, you can get it from the Latest page.


The main focus of this release has been on distributed deployment and bugfixing.

Main additions include the update of the HTML report to include false positive reporting functionality and an updated WebUI with support for multiple Dispatchers.
In other words, you can now let me know when something goes wrong in a more efficient manner and also start a simple Arachni grid in a couple of minutes.

I'd like to note that there isn't a CDE package for this release due to some strange incompatibility, hopefully I'll get this sorted in a couple of days so that the lazy ones among you will not feel left behind.

Take a look at this blog post for some WebUI eye candy.

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