viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

Microsoft Security Compliance Manager (SCM) V 2 disponible

Ya puedes descargar esta herramienta que te proveerá de características de administración de una línea de base de seguridad, personalización y una administración eficiente.

Esta herrameinta gratuita ayuda  a las organizaciones a conocer y evaluar los puntos debiles del entorno de su seguridad IT.

What’s new in Microsoft Security Compliance Manager v2

The biggest new feature in SCM v2 is the ability to import your current existing GPO’s in your organisation to create your own baseline templates in the database. These imported baselines can then be re-exported as a GPO, DCM pack, SCAP or Excel Spread sheet making it a very valuable conversation and/or documentation tool for your current policy settings. The new Import GPO features also allows you to close the loop so to speak as you can now regularly import you actual GPO’s in your organisation to compare them with the out of the box or even your own custom baseline templates.
When you combined this with the LocalGPO command line tool that comes with SCM you can use even use this tool to analyse the local security setting apply via policy to non-domain joined computers.

Visto en Group Policy Center

SCM v2 (CTP) Available to Download

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