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HITB eZine Issue # 6 Released

Volume 1, Issue 6, June 2011 magazine.hackinthebox.org


Hello readers and welcome to the summer release of Issue 06!
We've got loads of awesome content lined up as always including a feature article/interview with Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer at social network behemoth Facebook and keynoter at the 2nd annual HITBSecConf in Europe. Along side Joe, we also sat down with Chris Evans who participated in the keynote panel discussion on the Economics of Vulnerabilities to talk about Google's Vulnerability Rewards program.
While we're on the subject of our 2nd annual HITBSecConf, HITB2011AMS, the .MY and .NL teams did a fantastic job as always with over 45 international speakers joining us for 2 days of madness! We had some pretty kick ass presentations including a special live EMV (EuroPay MasterCard Visa) hack and the much sought after 'ELEVATOR' from Stefan 'i0nic' Esser. Read on for the special report in this issue from our friends at Random Data (a Hackerspace in Utrecht) who not only participated in the Hackerspaces Village but also won the ITQ Hackerspaces Challenge featuring Lego Mindstorms! Photos from the event are up on http:// photos.hitb.org/  
June also sees us celebrating the next phase in the (r)evolution of the HITB news portal with the launch of the all new HITB landing page and HITBSecNews site (http://news.hitb.org/). Powered by Drupal 7.2, the portal features a slick new layout with full social media integration so you can now link your Facebook or Twitter accounts when commenting on stories or sharing articles.

Enjoy the zine, have a great summer and get your spy glasses ready for Issue 007's special feature on spy/surveillance gadgets!

Dhillon "L33tdawg" Kannabhiran
Founder, Hack In The Box


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