martes, 5 de julio de 2011

SCM v2 (BETA) + New Baselines Available to Download


Just like the CTP, the only way to download the Beta of SCM v2 is with a LiveID via Microsoft Connect. You may or may not have to register with our program on MS Connect - it depends if your LiveID has already registered. When in doubt, it doesn't hurt to attempt to register a second time. Please follow these steps in sequence or it won't work!
  1. Sign in with your LiveID
  2. Register
  3. SCM v2 Beta Download
If this fails, please drop us a line. But, before you email I beg you to try the above steps at least 3 times. Please please. MS Connect sometimes behaves strangly - not my fault - I swear.


We decided to combine the Beta for SCM v2 with 4 new Microsoft Baselines we have to share. Here's the best news - you get it all in one download. The Microsoft Baselines are now *included* in the SCM v2 Beta package (Security_Compliance_Manager_Setup.exe). Pretty cool, eh? Just download the SCM v2 Beta (above) and you'll get all of these baselines. I've put an asterisk (*) by the ones which are new/Beta:
  1. Internet-Explorer-9-Security-Compliance-Baseline-Beta *
  2. Windows-Server-2003-SP2-Security-Compliance-Baseline-Beta *
  3. Windows-Server-2008-R2-SP1-Security-Compliance-Baseline-Beta *
  4. Windows-Server-2008-SP2-Security-Compliance-Baseline-Beta *
  5. Internet-Explorer-8-Security-Baseline
  6. Microsoft-Office-2007-SP2-Security-Baseline
  7. Office2010-Security-Baseline
  8. Windows-7-Security-Baseline
  9. Windows-Vista-SP2-Security-Baseline
  10. Windows-XP-SP3-Security-Baseline
Our installer has increased from ~18MB in the CTP to ~29MB in the Beta. We think you will find the larger download worth it and a better overall experience with the baselines being included (more about that later), but let us know what you think.



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