miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

Ten Best Practices to Prevent Data and Privacy Breaches

The antics of groups like Anonymous and LulzSec over the past few months have made data breaches seem inevitable. If information security vendors like HBGary and RSA Security aren't safe, what hope does an average SMB have? It is true that there is no silver bullet, and no impervious network security, but there are a variety of things IT admins can do to prevent network breaches and protect data and privacy better.

The Web safety and online identity protection experts at SafetyWeb.com and myID.com helped put together a list of ten different data and privacy breach scenarios, along with suggestions and best practices to avoid them.
  • 1. Data Breach Resulting From Poor Networking Choices.
  • 2. Data Breach Resulting From Improper Shredding Practices
  • 3. Tax Records Theft Around Tax Time
  • 4. Identity Theft Resulting From Public Databases.
  • 5. Identity Theft Resulting from Using a Personal Name Instead of Filing a DBA
  • 6. Bank Fraud Due To Gap in Protection or Monitoring
  • 7. Poor E-mailing Standards
  • 8. Failing to Choose a Secure Password
  • 9. Not Securing New Computers or Hard Drives
  • 10. Social Engineering

Fuente: pcworld.com


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