miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2011

2011 IT Audit Benchmarking Survey (Protiviti)

Technology permeates virtually every aspect of business today. From email and mobile communication tools to global complex ERP systems, most companies rely on technology to the point that without it, their operations would grind to a halt.
Of course, this heavy reliance on technology also creates a high volume of significant risks that companies must assess, manage and monitor appropriately. Protiviti conducted its inaugural IT Audit Benchmarking Survey to analyze the many underlying IT audit trends and gaps evident in organizations today.
For many, there is substantial room for improvement:
  • 1. The growth and prevalence of technology are outpacing the assessment, management and monitoring of related IT risks.
  • 2. IT risks do not garner nearly enough attention in organizations today, and in small companies in particular.
  • 3. A surprisingly large number of organizations fail to conduct an annual IT risk assessment.
  • 4. Many organizations do not have the requisite skills and capabilities to assess their key IT risks adequately.
Protiviti Managing Director David Brand and Director Mark Peters discuss these issues further in their IT Audit Benchmarking Survey podcast.

Download the 2011 IT Audit Benchmarking Survey (PDF) 


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