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2011 State of Security Survey (Symantec)

In its 2011 State of Security Survey, Symantec sought to update its global perspective on key security threats, trends and responses across a range of businesses worldwide, including SMBs and larger enterprises—3,300 in all.

Of course, the insights from this survey provide a strategic market outlook for Symantec. At the same time, however, sharing its results with the industry in general and IT professionals in particular will help provide benchmarks for assessing the state of their own cybersecurity readiness.

Overall, survey participants consider safeguarding their networks and data to be critically important to their business. Many see a growing menace in cyberattacks, with substantial hard and soft costs resulting from them. As the IT landscape continues its migration from desktop to mobile computing, along with increasing numbers of mobile and remote employees, the industry drivers of cybersecurity are reflecting these changes.

Organizations are getting better at fighting the war against cybersecurity threats. While the majority of respondents suffered damages as a result of cyberattacks, more respondents reported a decline in the number and frequency of attacks compared to 2010. However, the survey revealed that many companies—nearly half of the respondents—could still do more to secure their networks and information assets. In response, companies are increasing their cybersecurity staffing and budgets.

This report provides greater detail on Symantec’s 2011 State of Security Survey, including our four key findings. Recommendations for improving cybersecurity follow, as does a compilation of the survey’s most pertinent data behind our findings.


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