lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Canadian infrastructure ‘less prepared’ for cyber attacks

Canadian operators of telecommunications networks, power grids, water systems and other services of vital importance are growing less prepared for a potentially devastating cyber attack, Symantec Corp. said in a report released on Monday.

Applied Research telephoned 3,475 companies in 37 countries between August and September, including 625 in Canada, on behalf of the world’s largest security software maker. The second annual Symantec Critical Infrastructure Protection Survey found providers were growing complacent about potential threats posed by computer hackers.

“Critical infrastructure providers are less engaged with their government’s CIP [critical infrastructure protection] programs, less concerned about threats and less ready than 12 months ago,” reads an excerpt from the 15-page report.

The report defines ‘critical infrastructure providers’ as companies operating in at least one of 14 industries such as finance, government, energy, public services, aviation and chemical products. The list of industries was expanded from six used in the inaugural report published last year.
Just over one third of respondents worldwide (37%) said their companies were engaged in CIP programs in 2011, down from 56% in 2010. In Canada, only 30% of respondents said they were engaged with protection programs this year.
Overall, preparedness was down 8% across the world to about 62% in 2011, down from about 70% in 2010.
The results stand in stark contrast to the growing number of cyber attacks launched against critical infrastructure providers over the past year.



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