lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

Websense Security Survey 2011: Security Pros and Cons

IT Professionals on Confidence, Confidential Data, and Today’s Cyber-Cons Learn from your peers’ opinions and practices

he independent research firm Dynamic Markets surveyed 1,000 IT manager and 1,000 non-IT employees in the U.S., UK, Canada, and Australia about the latest threats to corporate and personal security. Highlights from the report include surprising findings:
  • 82% of IT security managers believe their company is protected from modern malware. But in practice, only 48% actually have specific solutions to prevent confidential data from being uploaded to the web.
  • 24% reported that their CEOs or other executives had lost confidential data due to data breaches. 37% report that employees have lost data.
  • 20% have seen confidential data loss due to breach of regulatory compliance and posts to social web sites.
Significance of the Websense Security Survey Websense provides security products that help guard against confidential data loss through email, web, blended, and other targeted attacks. Websense regularly conducts research to stay abreast of the security landscape and to maintain close contact with security practitioners.
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The complete survey is available here (registration required).

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