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How to Participate in Computer Security Day

  • 1. Read your workplace's computer security policy again. If your workplace has a policy, read it. Even if you've already read it before, it may have been updated, or you may have forgotten important parts of it Read it for a refresher
  • 2. Check your computer station and office for security and safety issues. Looking around the area you work in can reveal a number of hazards that can be dealt with easily provided you follow through checking them methodically. Here are some suggested activities: 
  • 3. Check the security and safety of your computer hardware. Whenever you leave your room or office, can other people access or remove your computing equipment? If so, consider instituting practices that will prevent them from doing anything with your computer: 
  • 4. Clean the hardware and your desk zone. A cluttered workspace and messy office can be the cause of sloppy work practices in relation to confidential information and the more at ease everyone has become with leaving confidential information lying about, the harder it becomes to break the slack cycle. Jump on it now! 
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