lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

Seven Significant Hacks of 2011

There was never a dull moment in 2011. Security was front-page news in major mainstream publications. Commercial hackers were running rampant, compromising millions of Web sites while spam bots were taken offline. Cyber-espionage moved from a government-only term to a growing concern among corporations, and certain countries felt the outstretched hands of Big Brother reach the cyber-world. With all these hacks, is it even possible to choose the seven prime hacks of 2011? It’s not an easy task, but let’s take a crack at it.

Hack #1: Sony PlayStation Breach

Hack #2: RSA SecureID compromise

Hack #3: LulzSec’s 50 day hacking spree

Hack #4: News of the World phone hacking

Hack #5: Government websites up for sale

Hack #6: Yale University inadvertently exposes student details

Hack #7: Facebook “self-XSS” malware

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