lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

The top-10 web security threats you should avoid

The compromised website is still the most effective attack vector for hackers to install malware on your computer with 47.6 percent of all malware installs occurring in that manner, says security firm AVG. Another 10.6 percent are tricked into downloading exploit code -- many times, without their knowledge -- by clicking on links on pages to sites hosting malware.
The Chelmsford, Mass. company announced its findings as part of a broader study of threats detected by its software. It also found that faked pharmacy sites are a popular attack method, seen in about 10.4 percent of all attacks.
Fake antivirus scanners remain a popular malware injection method at 8.4 percent. The news is timely considering just yesterday Microsoft announced its newest defendant in the Kelihos botnet case was a former antivirus vendor employee. Kelihos used fake antivirus to install itself on unsuspecting victims.



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