domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

ENISA Report on Network Information Security in Education

The purpose of this document is to present a consolidated version of available ENISA results in a form that is adequate for use within education. This material targets primary education and especially educators, parents and to some extents teenagers.
The idea was to simplify relevant ENISA deliverables and bring them to a form that will allow easy adaptation to educational objectives, identification of competencies needed and/or direct use through relevant stakeholders. Our aim is not to substitute excellent existing material in this area, but rather to provide concise information from ENISA work that can be easily integrated into existing educational material. The text used in the topics presented below has been extracted from relevant ENISA publications. The present work was the result of a fruitful cooperation between Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade of Luxemburg and ENISA: based on the structure of available educational material of the Member State, existing ENISA material has been digested in order to be used by Member States. After interaction with various players, we have short-listed ENISA deliverables in the following areas:

  •  Cyber Bullying / online Grooming
  •  Children on virtual worlds
  •  Security issues in Virtual Worlds and
  •  Secure printing

  •  Awareness raising quiz
  •  Guidelines of Parents, Guardians, Educators
  •  Security issues in online social networking
  •  Cookies

  • Download the full ENISA NIS report here:
    Network Information Security in Education.pdf


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