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Security Audit Tools

List Of Tools Used for Security Audit :

 1)  Port Scanners
   Nmap  Network Security Scanner.
 ADMSmb  Security Scanner For Samba and Lan.
 SmbScanner  Scans For SMB.
 PortScanner  TCP PostScanner.
 SATAN  Vulnerability Scanner
 Nessus  Vulnerability Scanner
 SAINT  Vulnerability Scanner
 SARA  Vulnerability Scanner
 COPS  Unix Host Security Scanner
 Tiger  Unix System Security Scanner
 Retina  Windows Based vulnerabilty Scanner.
 GFI LANGuard  Windows Network Scanner
 SuperScan  A very Fast Windows Port Scanner.
 ISS  Internet Security Scanner
 IPeye  TCP Port Scanner with FIN, SYN, NULL, and X MUS Scan.
 VLAD  Sans Top Ten Vulnerability Scanner.
 Gate  Modular Linux Scanner

2)  Packet Generators
IpSend  Generates TCP/IP Packets
UDP Probe  Send and Receives UDP Packets
Arping  Send ARP Pings and IP collution detection
LibNet  Helps in Contructing and Handling Of Network Packets.
Nemesis  Packet Injection Utility

3)  Sniffers and Related Tools
Tcpdump     Helps to Capture Network Packets
Sniffit     Packet Sniffer
Argus     Network Monitoring Tool.
Karpski     A Gtk based sniffer
Ethereal     Capture and Analyse Network Packets
GnuSniff     Multithreaded Sniffer.
Perro     Logs TCP, ICMP, UDP Packets
EtterCap     Packet Sniffer
Pdump     Advanced Perl Packet Sniffer.
WinSniffer     Console Based Sniffer For Windows.
Big Brother Network Monitor   System Monitor For Intranet and Internet Servers.
Ippl     Logs icmp, tcp, udp packets.
Aps     Console Based IP Sniffer.
WSA     IBM’s Wireless Security Auditor.

4)  Crypto And Secure Communication
GnuPG Pretty Good Privacy.
Nautilus Secure Voice Conversation
OpenSSL Secure Socket Layer.
Putty Windows Port Of SSH
Openssh A Secure Alternative to Telnet.
CryptF File Encryption using 3 DES or IDEA
CIPE Crypted IP Encapsulation For VPN.
PPPTCP Tunnel PPP over an Arbitrary Tcp Tunnel.
HTTP Tunnel Http Based Tunneling
Psst A Free Secure Shell Implementation.
CryptoNite A Java Package for Strong Encryption.

5)   File Integrity Checker
Tripwire Keeps Track of Altered files on a system.
Nannie Monitors File Changes
Chkrootkit Checks for Rootkits

6)   Network Diagonistics
Hping2 TCP Ping. Spoof Scanning.
Iptraf LAN Statistic Utility
yapm Ping Monitor.
Ntop Network usage.
NetCat Swiss Army Knife
Samspade Network Utilities
NBTScan Gathers NetBIOS Information.
Firewalk Advanced TraceRoute.
Xprobe2 OS Fingeprinting Tool.
Amap Application Scanner.
Fping Parellel Ping Scaning
TCP Traceroute Advanced Traceroute
Dig DNS Query Utility. It is a part of BIND
Visual Route Visual Trace Route. with Map.
Rain Stability Tester for hardware and Software.
NetDiag Collection Of Network Diagonistics Tools.
Btng EtherNet Monitor.
DOS Tracker Dos Attack Tracker.
Traffic Vis. Visualises Amount On IP networks.
Calamaris Squid Proxy Log Analyser.
EARS System Monitor.
Epan Protocol Analyser.
Big Sister Web host Monitoring Solution.

7) Firewalls and Routers
IPtables Netfilter based Linux Firewall.
IPchains Netfilter based Linux Firewall.
Firestarter GUI Front End for Iptables.
Zone Alarm Windows Firewall.
Tiny Personal Firewall. Windows Personal Firewall.
NetFilter Current Linux Kernel Firewall
SINUS FireWall Packet Filter For Linux.
Click Software Based Router.
Linux Router Disk less Linux Router.
Edge Router Project  Basic Firewall.

8 )  Cgi Scanners
Whisker   Cgi Scripts Scanner.
Nikto   Cgi Scanner
N-Stealth   Web Scanner.
Achilles   Web Proxy Scanner
Spike Proxy   HTTP Hacking

9)  Password Crackers
John The Ripper Password Cracker
L0pth Crack Password Cracker.
Brutus Password Cracker.
Hydra Parellel Authentication Cracker.
MB HTTP Brute Forcer Munga Bunga HTTP Brute Force Cracker
Oracle Password Cracker Great For retrieving Oracle DB Passwords.
IMAP Password Cracker IMAP Password brute force tool.
MySql Brute Force MySql Hash Brute Forcer.

10) Intrusion Detection Systems
eXpert BSM IDS Host Based Intrusion Detection System.
Snort Intrustion Detection System.
SHADOW Mother Of All Intrustion Detection Systems.
Nidsbench Network Intrusion Detection Test Suit.
Lids Linux Kernel Based Intrusion Detection.
Snare Host Based IDS.
Free Agents DIDS Distributed Intrusion Detection Systems.
Fragroute IDS’s Worst Nightmare.

11)  Proxy and Port Redirectors
Fpipe     Port Redirector,Bypass Firewalls.
Redir     TCP Port Redirector.
Uredir    UDP Port Redirector.
WebFilter    Content Filter.
Squid    PowerFul Proxy.
Tiny Proxy    Small Proxy Server.
Tirc Proxy    Proxy Server For IRC.
Bnc     Irc Bouncing Tool.
Stunnel     SSL CryptoGraphic Wrapper.

12)  Miscellaneous
E-Security Audit Tool kit  Collection Of items and Checklists for Auditing.
TOD   (Touch Of Death) Connection Killer.
Sm Start Start Sendmail WithOut Root Priviliges.
TCP Server A Small and Simple TCP server.
Bastille Hardening Script for *Nix Based

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