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Top 10 Cyber-Security Infographics [Q1 Labs]

As a marketing professional, I have a confession to make:  I am slightly obsessed with infographics.  That’s why I was so excited when my colleague at Q1 Labs decided to create one of our own.
But, I’m not the only one who thinks infographics are a great way to visualize large amounts of information; I’ve heard others calling 2011 “the year of the infographic”.  So, why the buzz?  Read this quote from Soshable.com describing the value this tool provides to viewers:
Rather than read a long article that describes data, infographics puts the data into a format that can be more easily taken in and can add a layer to the understanding by appealing to our natural visual acuity.
Since one of the problems we solve with our Security Intelligence solutions is consolidating massive amounts of disparate raw data from the entire enterprise (network elements, data center assets, hosts, private and public cloud services, you name it) in the form of logs, events, external threat data, network flows, etc., into actionable, meaningful insight for companies-  I think infographics have a purpose that is similar to our own.  For that reason, in honor of the infographic, I bring you a list of the top cyber-security related posts from around the web.  Enjoy!

1)      The Evolution of Modern SIEMDepiction of the change SIEM technology has undergone to evolve towards Security Intelligence.
The Evolution of Modern SIEM
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2)      8 levels of information Technology Security“In a world of viruses, malware, and hackers, information security is a big deal. One single method of IT security cannot insure protection of mission-critical data.”
8-levels of IT Security
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3)      Computer Threats: A Breakdown: The Spreading Infection of Software Virus & Scams“Depicts the growing cyber-threat landscape, including viruses, breaches, phishing scams and more.”

Computer Security Threats Infographic
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