miércoles, 25 de julio de 2012

Sqlmap - Security Development In Python

Description: The “sqlmap” is one of the largest, widely used and most active Python projects in the IT security community (more than 2000 commits in one year period with community of over 100 active testers). It combines it’s developers’ strong security knowledge together with analytical, mathematical and Python development skills to provide IT professionals with vibrant features.

Talk would be consisted of several parts: short introduction to project and developers, developing and testing environment, programming cycle, program’s workflow, technologies used, common pitfalls and how we’ve circumvent them, usage of mathematical models, optimizations, project’s future goals.
The significant part of this talk would be the immediate insight into the developing process of probably the world’s most advanced open-source Python IT security project today.

In this video Miroslav Štampar Talking about popular sqlmap tool. So in this talk he is explain how to create GUI of sqlmap I mean till now we are using command line for this tool so how to conver this tool into GUI version and how it will work. How to improve features etc .. this is very interesting talk on Advance sqlmap tool.

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