martes, 21 de agosto de 2012

92% of the top 100 mobile apps have been hacked

Ninety-two percent of the Top 100 paid Apple iOS apps and 100 percent of Top 100 paid Android apps have been hacked, according to a new report by Arxan Technologies.

They revealed the widespread prevalence of “cracked” mobile apps and the financial impact befalling the multi-billion dollar App Economy due to compromised brands, lost revenues, IP theft, and piracy.

The proliferation of mobile devices has created an app-centric global marketplace, ushering in the App Economy that is driving new business models and revenue streams across all industries. Arxan set out to analyze the extent of malicious mobile app hacking by researching hacked versions of top Apple iOS and Android apps from third-party sites outside of the Apple App Store and Google Play marketplaces.


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