viernes, 2 de noviembre de 2012

Hacker Intelligence Initiative, Monthly Trend Report #13 [IMPERVA]

Monitoring Hacker Forums
ADC Monthly Web Attacks Analysis, October 2012
Imperva analyzed one of the largest-known hacker forums with roughly 250,000 members, as well as other smaller forums. Using search capabilities, we analyzed conversations by topic using specific keywords. We found:
  • ›  SQL injection is now tied with DDoS as the most discussed topic. Both topics got 19% of discussion volume. Last year, SQL injection was second with 19%, and DDoS came in first place with 22%. Ironically, of the $25 billion spent on software security, and we believe this means less than 5 percent of security budgets is allocated to products that cannot even recognize SQL injection attacks – let alone stop them. We believe this imbalance encourages hackers to continue to learn and deploy this attack method.
  • ›  Social networks today pose a major interest for hackers . They are becoming a prominent source of information, pictures, and potential monetary gain. Facebook was the most discussed social media platform, commanding 39% of discussions with Twitter a close second at 37%.
  • ›  E-whoring is becoming one of the most common methods for beginner cyber criminals to gain easy money. We saw more than 13,000 threads in a dedicated forum. E-whoring is a practice of selling pornographic content, while pretending to be the person, usually a female, photographed.


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