miércoles, 11 de agosto de 2010

2010 Global Financial Services Security Survey (Deloitte)

This year’s security study responses support the reality that a turning point in the industry has arrived:
  • - For the first time, organizations are proactive, embracing new technologies as “early majority adopters”, no longer content, as “late majority adopters”, to simply be reactive.

  • - For the first time, the lowest percentage of respondents (36%) stated that “lack of sufficient budget”, is the major barrier to ensuring information security, compared to 56% last year. During the worst economic downturn in recent memory when so many budgets are being cut, information security budgets are safe for the most part and many have increased.

  • - For the first time, information security compliance (internal/external audit) remediation is a top-five security initiative as organizations gear up for increased regulation and legislation.

  • For the first time, more than half of organizations state that physical information, such as paper, is within the mandate and scope of the executive responsible for information security. The response (59%) is still too low - and indicates a security gap but, in our opinion, it is moving in the right direction.
    This is the seventh year of our survey. We’ve been discussing change for years. Now it’s here. It will take all our smarts, all our knowledge and all our expertise to wage and win the cyber war. It will be challenging and exciting but there will be progress on many fronts. In our view, there is no better time than the present decade to be part of the information security industry.

2010 Global Financial Services Security Survey (PDF, 1104.73 KB)

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