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The Global state of information security 2011 (PWC)

In the aftermath of the worst global economic jolt in thirty years, information security confronts a new economic order.
As the spending restraint continues, however, some “block and tackle” security capabilities that took a full decade to develop are degrading and, day by day, opening up organisations to new windows of risk.
What is the evidence of these trends? What are the implications for spending over the next six to twelve months? Where are the greatest security-related vulnerabilities emerging? And which are the most crucial opportunities and priorities your organisation should focus on now and over the next year to increase the contribution that security makes to your business?

Download the 2011 survey report (889kb)

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Key highlights
  • Asked about their expectations about security spending in the coming year, respondents are more optimistic than at any time since before 2005.
  • This year’s spending drivers aren’t new. But here’s the surprise: almost every one of these factors are trending at, or near, four-year lows.
  • For the second year in a row, increasing the focus on data protection is the single most common strategy worldwide.
  • This year, there is a significant shift in the ongoing evolution of the CISO’s reporting channel away from the CIO in favor of the company’s senior business decision-makers.
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