miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

HITB Magazine! Issue # 5 is now available!

The first HITB Magazine release for 2011!

Just over a year has passed since Issue 001 and 2010 was definitely a great year for our humble magazine with over a 100,000 downloads of the 4 issues released which included 24 unique technical articles authored or co-authored by over 30 security experts from around the world! Since April 2010, readers have also had an opportunity to get familiar with prominent figures from the IT security industry thanks to the new "Interviews" section.

We believe our goal of giving researchers further recognition for their hard work, and to provide the security community with beneficial technical material as stated in our editorial note of Issue 001 has been successfully achieved.

Download (Volume 1, Issue 5, February 2011)

- Linux Security - Investigating Kernel Return Codes with the Linux Audit System
- Network Security - Secure Shell Attack Measurement and Mitigation
- ARP Spoofing Attacks & Methods for Detection and Prevention
- Exploiting Web Virtual Hosting – Malware Infections
- Windows Security - Windows CSRSS Tips & Tricks professional development
- CISSP® Corner – Tips and Trick on becoming a Certified Information Systems Security Professional
interview - Rolf Rolles

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