lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

2011 IT Security Best Practices Assessment (Venafi)

Echelon One and Venafi have released findings from the 2011 IT Security Best Practices Assessment. 420 enterprises and government agencies were evaluated on how well they implemented twelve security best practices. How do you compare?
Remediation The assessment reveals an epidemic of security worst practices, with a majority of organizations failing to adhere to simple data protection standards and, in many cases, are critically unaware of what security practices are currently in place.
Sixty percent of the evaluated organizations employ large workforces of 5,000 or more employees. Respondent organizations came from all industries. See how they stacked up and where they failed.

  How does your organization stack up against your peers for the twelve, security best practices?
Establish PoliciesQuestions and best–practice baselines were established in conjunction with IT security research firm Echelon One, under the leadership of founder and CEO Bob West, who developed the baseline from his constant interactions with his Fortune 500 customers and his 20–plus years of IT security experience. Come see where you fit.

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