lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011

Adobe Set to Patch Critical Reader and Acrobat Vulnerabilities

Adobe is set to release “critical” security updates on a number of their products on Tuesday as part of their monthly patch update to fix critical vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader and Acrobat.
In an early notification, Adobe said it would release critical updates for a  wide range of versions of Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat for both Windows and Macintosh.
The Adobe monthly patch-release coincides with Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday, which is also set for release tomorrow. Like Microsoft, Adobe was forced to issue unscheduled updates to revoke trust of compromised Dutch certificate authority DigiNotar last week.

Adobe's products are a popular target of attacks, given their ubiquity and the relative ease malicious hackers have had finding exploitable vulnerabilities in them. The company has  encountered criticism during its last monthly patch update, after researcher Tavis Ormandy accused the company of secretly patching undisclosed vulnerabilities with its August release. The company politely disagreed with Ormandy, saying that the vulnerabilities the company was accused of secretly patching had been discovered as a result of internal testing and that Adobe does not typically disclose issues it discovers. 
Check back tomorrow for a full report on Adobe’s patches.

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