viernes, 13 de enero de 2012

Top 10 in 2011: An 'explosive' year in security

As we turn the page to 2012, it makes sense to sit back and take a look at what happened during the past twelve months in the IT Security world. If we were to summarize the year in one word, I think it would probably be “explosive.” The multitude of incidents, stories, facts, new trends and intriguing actors is so big that it makes it very hard to crack into top 10 of security stories of 2011. What I was aiming for with this list is to remember the stories that also indicate major trends or the emergence of major actors on the security scene. By looking at these stories, we can get an idea of what will happen in 2012.
  • 1. The rise of Hacktivism
  • 2. The HBGary Federal hack 
  • 3. The Advanced Persistent Threat 
  • 4. The Comodo and DigiNotar incidents 
  • 5. Duqu 6. The Sony PlayStation Network hack 
  • 7. Fighting cybercrime and botnet takedowns 
  • 8. The rise of Android malware 
  • 9. The CarrierIQ incident 
  • 10. MacOS malware



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