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This paper is the first in a series developed by the Intelligence and National Security Alliance’s (INSA) Cyber Council. It is intended to broaden the vision of senior decision makers in government and industry. Our goal with this paper is to set the landscape for cyber intelligence by discussing why it is necessary and providing thoughts on how to approach the development of this function in the cyber domain. While there is a great deal of focus on current cyber security issues, there is little focus on defining and exploring the cyber threat environment at a higher level.
Its unique dynamics and impact on our economy and national security are understudied. In this paper, we will focus primarily on defensive cyber activities. There is a rapidly increasing need to fully leverage cyber intelligence assets and capabilities on a national and global scale to address this ubiquitous, diverse, and evolving group of adversaries. There is also a need to clearly define an
emerging cyber intelligence discipline that can be quickly and transparently shared with appropriate private and foreign partners.

The Cyber Threat Dynamic can be broken into three components:
• The Cyberspace Environment
• The Cyber Threat
• The Convergence of the Effects of the Cyberspace Environment and the Threat

Cyber Intelligence: Setting the landscape for an emerging discipline

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