viernes, 20 de abril de 2012

Lost Phones & Personal Information: Precautions & Recovery [Guide]


Things were a lot simpler and safer back when the mobile phone technology was new, and in use by only a few people. Then came the SMS, which was then followed by making internet access available on these mobile handsets. Today, over 45% of the world’s population is covered by a 3G mobile network, while countries, such as Norway, Sweden, Ukraine and the United States are already moving to 4G networks. Over 90% of the worlds population is covered by 2G networks, supporting GPRS and EDGE. Point being, with the rise in demand and supply of smartphones, and with these devices slowly becoming affordable as well, more and more people are increasingly connecting to the internet everyday and communicating very sensitive information at times. With this need, and at times, the urge to stay connected, our mobile phones today carry more than just our phonebook and texts.


Ways to protect your phone & information.
At the least, set a lock on your phone, be it a security pin or a pattern lock, or be it a pin lock upon a reboot. These are things that come natively to most smartphones, and the average user should be easily able to set these up.

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