viernes, 8 de junio de 2012

- 42+ Best Practices Secure Mobile Development for iOS and Android [viaForensics]

Secure mobile development for iOS and Android

At viaForensics we spend a lot of time attacking mobile apps. Hacking. Breaking encryption, finding flaws, pen testing and looking for sensitive data stored insecurely. We do it for the right reasons – to help companies make their apps more secure. In our R&D and project work, we find many security gaps. While some problems are big, others represent data leakage or provide potential vectors that aid malicious attackers.

 In our engagements we always provide concrete recommendations for remediating security issues. This document represents some of the wisdom we share with our clients and partners. We are driven to improve the state of mobile security and we hope by setting this information free, we are making a valuable contribution to the community.


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