jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012

Book: Protecting Critical Data by Managing the Active Directory Identity Lifecycle (Free)

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Active Directory has increasingly become THE critical identity store for more organizations. From controlling access to applications, infrastructure and a broad array of systems, to delivering access to common Windows resources, organizations rely on Active Directory to securely manage their data. Given this critical role, it's important to design an Active Directory infrastructure that manages the complete lifecycle of user identity. In Protecting Critical Data by Managing the Active Directory Identity Lifecycle, author and Microsoft MVP Darren Mar-Elia shows you how to design such a well-managed, secure Active Directory infrastructure, offering insight on developing good processes around user provisioning and especially de-provisioning, delegation of Active Directory objects, and auditing of AD-related activities.

Chapters in this complete book include:Chapter 1: Active Directory – An Important Part of Identity and Access Control
Chapter 2: Managing the Identity Lifecycle
Chapter 3: Securing Active Directory
Chapter 4: Auditing & Compliance and Active Directory


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