martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

Topera -The IPv6 port scanner invisible to Snort (IDS)

Topera is a brand new TCP port scanner under IPv6, with the particularity that these scans are not detected by Snort.
Snort is the most known IDS/IPS and is widely used in many different critical environments. Some commercial tools (Juniper or Checkpoint ones) use it as detection engine also.
Mocking snort detection capabilities could suppose a high risk in some cases.
All the community is invited to test it in any environment and we would be thankful if you send us any feedback.
We keep researching on the security implications that the "new" IPv6 protocol will have in different environments.
This tool was presented in the second edition of the Security Conference "Navaja Negra" ( by Daniel Garcia a.k.a cr0hn (@ggdaniel) and Rafa Sanchez (@r_a_ff_a_e_ll_o ).

If any provider/vendor needs further detailed information or is interested in testing its products please, don't hesitate to contact us

In next pictures you can see some executions screenshots:


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