domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013

Tools: Probably the Best Free Security List in the World - Updated November 2013


What's New
The last updates on this list are shown in the table below.
Items added or updated
04-10-13Granite PortableGoodSync, ScriptBlockVMware vCenter Converter StandaloneDisk2vhdParagon Go Virtual, more@19.2, BlueLifeHosts editor, HDDExpert
10-10-13@17.12, hubiCAuslogics Browser CareHTTP Nowhere,, Masking Agent, Dnssec-Trigger, Yet Another CleanerDisconnect Search
12-10-13How to Keep Google from Putting Your Name and Picture in Their Ads, VSee@17.3
16-10-13Free Secure File EraserCss AdBlock
21-10-13Blippex, PrefBar, more:2@14.7, CryptoPrevent
24-10-13someonewhocares HOSTS@13.4
26-10-13@14.29, Phrozen Windows File Monitor, SimThrowQuarri MyPOQSecure Virtual Desktop, FayeTrackerTWIDS, Uranium Backup Free
28-10-13MailBigFile, Smart Toolbar RemoverAux Browser, Why Can't I Connect?, Celensoft Super WebPipeHow to stop the NSA from tracking your mobile phone calls
31-10-13QuickSetDNSRouterpwn, JavaScript Popup Blocker, Script Defender
2-11-13Ortigraprivatesearch.netmore@14.2, IVPN Privacy Guides, Drive Tools for Windows

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