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EY's Global Information Security Survey 2013

Organizations must be prepared to combat against, manage and mitigate cyber attacks that can occur anytime, anywhere.
Our 16th annual global information security survey explores the actions organizations have taken to address current threats, how leading organizations are preparing for cyber risks that may be on the horizon, and how new technologies and an innovative approach can help organizations proactively prepare for the future.
We found three levels of response to cyber risk in an environment where cyber attacks are numerous, constant and increasingly complex:
  • Improve — What organizations are doing to address the current threats and the challenges that still exist
  • Expand — Steps leading organizations are taking to address new threats more proactively
  • Innovate — Solutions organizations need to address new and upcoming technologies
Organizations are making good progress in improving how they manage the risks they already know. However, with only 17% of respondents indicating that their Information Security function fully meets the needs of the company, they still have a long way to go.
Organizations need to place more emphasis on improving employee awareness, increasing budgets and devoting more resources to innovating security solutions. These efforts need to be championed by executives at the highest level of the organization, who need to be aware that 80% of the solution is non-technical — it’s a case of good governance.


EY’s Global Information Security Survey 2013

EY’s 2013 Global Information Security Survey

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