jueves, 7 de mayo de 2009

McAfee 2009 Mobile Security Report

The mobile industry is going through a period of unprecedented consolidation, both at the carrier level and among hardware and software vendors.

Attacks on mobile networks and devices have grown in number and sophistication. This has had a negative impact on how market participants perceive the reliability of existing mobile security solutions. This is particularly apparent in the areas of mobile payments and mobile commerce (m-commerce). Devices, applications, and even networks are not sufficiently secured to allay users’ concerns.
For many respondents to our survey, device manufacturers are seen as being in the frontline when it comes to providing security. They are at the forefront of balancing control with innovation, a dynamic that often determines the mobile ecosystem for as long as a complete lifecycle of a given device. This is why the McAfee Mobile Security Report 2009 is taking a closer look at manufacturers’ security experiences, their concerns and priorities, and their approach to the major security challenges that lie ahead of them in the near future.

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