martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

12 Security Predictions for 2012

This time every year, I sit down with my research teams and we talk about what we think the coming year will hold in terms of threats to our customers. It’s an important discussion that helps us not only share with you what we think you need to be prepared for, but also to help guide our direction as we continue to build products and services to help protect you from these threats.
This year, as we look ahead, we’ve come up with 12 predictions for 2012 that fall into four main categories:
  • -  Big IT trends
  • - Mobile landscape
  • - Threat landscape
  • - Data leaks and breaches
In looking at these predictions, what we see in common are trends toward ever more sophisticated attackers and away from the PC-centric desktop. Our hope that new OSs make the world a safer place didn’t work out. This means that our customers in 2012 will need to continue moving toward a more data-centric model for effective security and privacy as they embrace consumerization, virtualization, and the cloud. And we here at Trend Micro need to continue our work in these key areas to help enable our customers to meet and protect against these threat trends in 2012.

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