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McAfee Free Tools

McAfee is committed to your security and provides an assortment of free McAfee tools to help in your software development. Simply select a tool and download it for free. For more details, read the McAfee Software Free Tools End User License Agreement.

Anti-Malware Tools
GetSusp - McAfee GetSusp is intended for users who suspect undetected malware on their computer.
Stinger - McAfee Stinger detects and removes prevalent Fake Alert malware and threats identified in the "List Viruses" section of the Stinger application.

Assessment Utilities

CredDigger v2.1 - Foundstone CredDigger™ is a tool that attempts to gather data to assist with penetration testing on a corporate network.
Fpipe v2.1 - FPipe v2.1 - Port redirector.
FSCrack v1.0.1 - GUI for John the Ripper.
Night Dragon Vulnerability Detection Tool - Free utility that helps identify systems affected by the "Night Dragon" malware.
Proxbrute v0.3 - ProxBrute is a custom firmware written for the proxmark3. It extends the currently available firmware (revision 465) to support brute force attacks against proximity card access control systems.
ShareScan v1.0.0.2 - ShareScan is a free utility that enables IT security personnel to identify open Windows file shares available on the internal network.
TesserCap v1.0 - Foundstone’s TesserCap is a GUI based, highly flexible, interactive, point and shoot CAPTCHA analysis tool.
VIDigger v1.0 - Check the configuration of ESX server and the virtual machines hosted on ESX server against the VMware Infrastructure Hardening guide and other best practices.


Forensic Tools

BinText 3.03 - Finds Ascii, Unicode and Resource strings in a file.
DumpAutoComplete v0.7 - Dump Firefox AutoComplete files into XML.
Forensic Toolkit v2.0 - Tools to help examine NTFS for unauthorized activity.
Galleta v1.0 - A Internet Explorer Cookie Forensic Analysis Tool.
NTLast v3.0 - Security audit tool for Windows NT.
Pasco v1.0 - An Internet Explorer activity forensic analysis tool.
PatchIt v2.0 - A binary file byte-patching program.
Rifiuti v1.0 - A Recycle Bin Forensic Analysis Tool.
ShoWin v2.0 - Show information about Windows, reveal passwords, and more.
Vision v1.0 - Reports all open TCP and UDP ports and maps them to the owning process or application.


Foundstone SASS Tools

.NET Security Toolkit v1.0 - The Foundstone SASS (Software Application Security Services) .NET Security Toolkit is designed to help application developers and architects to build secure and reliable .NET software applications.
.NETMon v1.0 - The .NETMon tool monitors the .NET common language runtime enabling developers to conduct detailed analysis.
CodeScout v1.0 - Foundstone CodeScout™ is a free tool developed by Foundstone to help application developers and code reviewers validate adherence to coding best practices and determine the complexity and scope of a code base.
CookieDigger v1.0 - CookieDigger helps identify weak cookie generation and insecure implementations of session management by web applications.
HackPack v1.0 - Foundstone HackPack™ is a tool designed to aid security professionals in keeping up with changes and updates to security software. The tool offers a simple interface to a large variety of security tools.
Hacme Bank v2.0 - Hacme Bank™ is designed to teach application developers, programmers, architects and security professionals how to create secure software.
Hacme Books - Foundstone Hacme Books is a learning platform for secure software development.
Hacme Casino v1.0 - Foundstone Hacme Casino™ is a learning platform for secure software development.
Hacme Shipping - Hacme Shipping is a web-based shipping application developed to demonstrate common web application hacking techniques.
Hacme Travel - Hacme Travel is designed to create secure software.
SecureUML Template v1.0 - The SecureUML Visio template defines a custom Unified Modeling Language (UML).
SiteDigger v3.0 - SiteDigger 3.0 searches Google’s cache to look for vulnerabilities, errors, configuration issues, proprietary information, and interesting security nuggets on websites.
SiteScope v1.0 - Foundstone’s SiteScope creates a site map and gathers metrics for a given web-based application.
Socket Security Auditor v1.0 - Foundstone Socket Security Auditor identifies the insecurely bound sockets on the local system preventing hackers from stealing valuable information.
SSLDigger v1.02 - SSLDigger v1.02 is a tool to assess the strength of SSL servers by testing the ciphers supported.
SSLSmart - SSLSmart is a highly flexible and interactive tool aimed at improving efficiency and reducing false positives during SSL testing.
Validator.NET v1.0 - Validator.NET helps eliminate common vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting.
WSDigger - WSDigger v1.0 - Web services testing framework.


Intrusion Detection Tools

Attacker v3.0 - Attacker v3.0 - A TCP/UDP port listener.
Carbonite - Carbonite v1.0 - A Linux Kernel Module to aid in RootKit detection.
FileWatch - FileWatch v1.0 - A file change monitor. Used with BlackICE Defender.
FPort - FPort v2.0 - Identify unknown open ports and their associated applications.
IPv4Trace - IPv4Trace v1.0 - A Win32 C++ programming library port of the OpenBSD 2.8 kernel-land IPv4 fragment reassembly implementation.


Scanning Tools

BOPing - A scanner for the infamous Back Orifice program.
CIScan - Cisco IOS IPv4 Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability Detection Utility.
Conficker Detection - Conficker Detection vulnerability in Microsoft Windows Server Service.
CSniffer v1.0.0.3 - Scan your infrastructure to discover if you have unencrypted Perforce passwords which could be stolen and used to penetrate your source code library.
DDosPing - A network admin utility for remotely detecting the most common DDoS programs.
DIRE - DIRE (Detecting Insecurely Registered Executables)
DSScan - LSASS scanner.
FileInsight - A handy integrated tool environment for website and file analysis.
McAfee Security Scan Plus - Actively check your computer for anti-virus software, firewall protection, and web security, and find threats in your open applications.
McAfee Virtual Technician - The McAfee Virtual Technician helps to diagnose and resolve any problems related to your McAfee software.
MessengerScan v1.05 - Quickly and accurately identify Microsoft operating systems that are vulnerable to the messenger service buffer overflow released in the MS03-043 bulletin.
MS05-039 Scan - Microsoft UPnP MS05-039 Vulnerability Detection Utility.
MS05-051 Scan - Vulnerabilities in MSDTC and COM+ Could Allow Remote Code Execution.
MydoomScanner - Mydoom worm scanner.
NetSchedScan - Remote Task Scheduler scanner.
Network Discovery for Microsoft SharePoint - Automate the search for Microsoft SharePoint servers running on your network.
RPCScan - Microsoft RPC(MS03-026) and RPCSS(MS03-039) Vulnerability Detection Utility.
ScanLine - Command line port scanner.
SNScan - SNMP Detection Utility.
SuperScan - Powerful TCP port scanner, pinger, resolver.
SuperScan v3.0 - Powerful TCP port scanner, pinger, resolver.
Trout  - Traceroute and Whois program.


Stress Testing Tools

Blast - A small, quick TCP service stress test tool.
FSMax - A scriptable, server stress testing tool.
UDPFlood  - UDP packet sender utility.


Spam Submission

McAfee Spam Submission Tool 1.0 for Windows NT/9x - Quickly and easily submit missed spam samples and misidentified spam to McAfee Labs.
McAfee Spam Submission Tool 2.2 - Quickly and easily submit missed spam samples and misidentified spam to McAfee Labs.



ReadT80 - Consisting of 36 sectors that are read from tracks 80 and 81 of a BOOT sector infected 1.44M diskette.
RWFloppy - Allows transporting diskette images over the network.
SaveInfo - Captures possible boot sector viruses.

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