miércoles, 12 de septiembre de 2012

New OSSTMM Security Live Linux Distro

During the last Days i was really busy working on my "Another Security Lab" (yeah i know boring title) presentation for nullcon Delhi - where i speak about the Fedora Project and present the Fedora Security Lab, the OSSTMM, the ISECOM, the OSSTMM Lab as a Fedora Remix and talk about many other things where i hope people are interested in.

As some people have noticed, there was not much progress in the Fedora Security Lab in the past months besides making it ready for the next release. I gave up some duties in the Fedora Membership Administration to change that. I really look forward to invest the time in the FSL and the OSL in the future.

The OSSTMM Lab as a Fedora Remix is a good playground for things i want to bring into the Fedora Security Lab.
The last OSSTMM Lab 3.1b was based on F15, with the work and testing invested in the past weeks we are now back on Track with Fedora 17 as the base for this Fedora Remix with the Fedora Features from the last two releases like Grub2 as the Bootloader ... etc.

Some of the "ready Apps" are now already included in the OSSTMM Lab and the OSSTMM Content with some special wishes which are not in Fedora from the ISECOM Team are included as well - as example HTTP-Traceroute

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